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Creating new value around original, core technologies and contributing to the development of an energetic and less inhibited society.

Management Strategies

1. Expansion of Business
In view of the Group's policy of making the "shift to businesses that can grow sustainably," we will ensure the implementation of measures to concentrate our businesses and to raise efficiency. Concurrently, we will aim to raise our revenues by expanding the Group's business domains.
The Group has been striving to expand our business using our core competencies and new technologies. We have endeavored to develop solutions that capitalize on various technologies, from voice communication technologies to IP network technologies (IP data communication systems, information security systems, etc.).
Going forward, striving to further accelerate the shift in businesses, we will make use of network security and cloud services, our particular areas of focus, and continue providing distinctive products and services that create new value speedily. Such products and services include IoT solutions that link items from sensors to applications safely and securely, and video solutions that combine image sensing technology and analysis, compression, and other technologies, as well as systems integration services related to these solutions.
Furthermore, in order to expedite the promotion of intensive businesses and expand our new businesses, we will promote measures such as cross-industry collaborations.

2. Strengthening of Management Base
To realize the goal of making the "transformation into an ideal earning structure," the Group will continue making efforts to establish a stable earnings structure that can support our business activities, and build a management base that can support our management.
Regarding the optimization of Group functions implemented this fiscal year, we will continue working on making them more sophisticated, as well as make further efforts in reinforcing the Group's governance and building a responsive business promotion structure.

3. Strengthening of Corporate Governance
Although the Group has built a governance structure based on the disclosed information pursuant to each principle of the Corporate Governance Code, in order to maximize our corporate value, we will continue making efforts in strengthening corporate governance in the Group.

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