Brand Concept

saxsa logo

Uniform SAXA Group Brand

Tamura and Taiko united to transform leading-edge electronics and digital technology as the horns of flowers meet to bud and blossom into large, colorful flowers.
The flower of tomorrow blossoms through the information and communication that connects people.
Humanity blossom. Tomorrow blossoms.
That is why SAXA exists.

Logo Design Vision

Nature, is made by curved lines.
Humans and flowers are also made by these gentle lines. Humans and flowers alike are composed of these gentle lines.
saxa is a company that helps people blossom.
This is why our logo uses lowercase letters. This expression is meant for soft and gentle face.
The diagonal line therein connects people to people and Japan to the world.
Two shades of blue represents the infinite expansion of our planet's ocean and sky.
The square encompasses everything with security and trust. The expansive blue is a symbol of life and the infinite.